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Confident and happy teens

I empower anxious and isolated teens and tweens to overcome their fears, fostering self-confidence, and a deep sense of belonging.

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Your tween/teen doesn’t have to feel isolated and anxious!

I help your tween/teen to find their inner cheerleader and start trusting themselves; using yoga and mindfulness tools and techniques to build a mindset of confidence and self-compassion.

Is self doubt ruining your teen's life?

Maybe you noticed that your teen doesn't want to talk and bottles up their feelings

Wouldn’t you rather have someone help your teen to: 

  • Stop being self-critical

  • Stop having a negative body relationship 

  • Stop getting anxious in social situations

  • Gain insight so they can be confident around other people

  • Stop overthinking every interaction with others

  • How to calm their mind and reduce their panic attacks

  • Take back control over their life

I can help!

Nicole Dooley - online empowerment mentor

Meet Nicole Dooley

Your Compassionate Guide to Empowered Teens. With a diverse and unconventional life journey, my experience as a high school teacher highlighted the struggles and uncertainties faced by teenagers, shaping my passion to support them during this transformative phase.

Overcoming my own traumatic past, I found solace in yoga and mindfulness, eventually becoming a certified Yoga Teacher.


When the pandemic closed doors, I pivoted to online teaching and discovered my calling - helping anxious and lost teens navigate life's challenges with resilience and inner strength.


Join me on this transformative journey towards a brighter, more connected future.

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Ready to empower your teen's journey towards self-confidence and belonging?

Let's connect and explore how I can help. Book a Free Consultation today!

Nicole Dooley - Youth Empowerment Mentor
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What I offer

Teen Empowerment

Youth empowerment coaching and mentoring through yoga, mindfulness, and meditation

Disability Support

I can work with your NDIS plan so your teen can reach their NDIS goals of access to the community, emotional regulation, and emotional resilience. 

Yoga and Meditation

I offer various yoga and meditations to tween/teens, parent/carers and NDIS participates. Online and in-person options

Keynote Speaking

I offer speaking engagments for your groups, school or organization. Bring Inspiration and Empathy to Your Audience


Amazing! My kid finds this class very relaxing and adores Nicole. The class is wonderful to help a young person unwind and gain flexibility. I recommend it to our friends!"

River B.

Ms. Nicole is a fabulous, warm, and caring teacher. We took months of this class (only stopping because of a schedule conflict) and loved it.

Lisa F.

Ms Nicole has managed to have my self-conscious 12 year old boy close his eyes and says it all! She finds very attractive ways to bring her students to a new level of self awareness. Every week they engage in new creative activities. My son comes out of the locked room where he takes the class with a smile. He looks content and it makes me happy too.

Virginie O.

Empowerment Corner

Welcome to the Empowerment Corner, a space dedicated to igniting the spark of confidence and resilience within our teens and tweens. As an experienced Mindfulness Life Coach, Meditation Guide, and Yoga Teacher, I am committed to empowering our young minds, helping them navigate life's challenges with courage and self-assurance.

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Empowerment Tip of the Week:


Tip of the Week:

Goal Progress Tracker

You can bring this week's mantra to life by creating a "Goal Progress Tracker." Choose a goal you are passionate about, break it into weekly milestones, and track your progress each day. At the end of the week, review what you've accomplished and set your targets for the next week. This visual and interactive approach not only keeps you aligned with your goals but also provides a real sense of achievement as you visibly move closer to your aspirations.

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