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As a dedicated yoga and mindfulness mentor, I understand the unique challenges that teens face in today’s fast-paced world. My journey has been one from the shadows of bullying and isolation to the light of acceptance and self-worth. It is this path of healing and discovery that I am eager to share with you. Here, we embrace the power of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to navigate feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Together, we will cultivate a sanctuary within, building self-confidence and a sense of belonging that extends far beyond our classes. You are not alone on this journey. With each breath and movement, we will step closer to a life filled with gratitude, connection, and self-appreciation. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

  • What can I expect from the classes, and are they suitable for beginners?
    You can expect a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and cultivate your own mindfulness practice. We focus on slow, deliberate movements paired with moments of reflection, allowing a deep connection between mind and body. Our classes are designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards a more present and peaceful life.
  • Are classes online or in person?
    Our classes offer the best of both worlds. While we primarily conduct sessions online for convenience and comfort, we also cherish the irreplaceable experience of in-person connection. We hold in-person classes at Rainbow Forest Park in Indooroopilly, where both adults and teens are welcome to join. Also as part of the Brisbane City Council Active and Healthy program I have in person classes for teens on the school holidays. These sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your life—whether you're looking for the accessibility of online participation or the grounded experience of practicing amidst nature's calm. During online classes, a brief initial video check ensures everyone's safety, and participants may then choose their level of visibility. This approach prioritizes personal comfort and ease, allowing you or your teen to fully engage in the practice without the pressure of travel or strict schedules. Whether online or under the open sky at one of Brisbane's Parks, our classes are a haven for growth and self-discovery.
  • How can yoga and mindfulness specifically benefit teens?
    Yoga and mindfulness offer a sanctuary for teens to explore their inner landscape. In our classes, your teen will learn to cultivate self-compassion and recognize their intrinsic worth. This practice builds self-confidence and equips them with tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.
  • What if I'm not flexible or have never meditated before?
    Flexibility and prior experience are not prerequisites for our classes. We honor each individual's journey, offering various options and encouraging personal comfort. If a pose doesn't resonate with your body, we support taking a step back to reflect and regroup.
  • How large are the classes, and what is the student-to-teacher ratio?
    To maintain a personalized and attentive environment, our classes are intimate, with no more than 10 participants and 5 participants for NDIS sessions. This ensures each participant receives the guidance and support they need.
  • How do you tailor your classes to address the needs of teens with anxiety or depression?
    Our classes are more than physical exercise; they are a holistic approach to well-being. We introduce practical tools, backed by research from reputable institutions like Harvard and Stanford, showing that yoga and meditation can significantly reduce anxiety and depression, helping teens to reclaim their joy and peace.
  • What should I do if I find certain exercises challenging or uncomfortable?
    We advise consulting with a healthcare provider if you have any medical concerns. In class, we constantly remind our participants to honor their bodies and engage only in what feels nurturing and right for them.
  • Are parents or guardians allowed to observe or participate in the classes?
    For the privacy and safety of our teen participants, we ask that parents and guardians refrain from being on camera or observing the class. However, we warmly welcome parents to join our yoga in the park sessions and encourage teens to attend adult classes with their guardians. For NDIS teen classes, we understand that parental support may be necessary and is thus accommodated.
  • Do you offer classes for adults?
    Absolutely! For adults seeking to cultivate their own practice, I offer weekly classes at the serene Rainbow Forest Park in Indooroopilly. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and community. Additionally, I provide online classes tailored for parents and carers, featuring both slow, mindful yoga and meditation. You can find the current schedule for these rejuvenating sessions on our website.
  • How long are your classes?
    My classes are designed to fit into your life, lasting between 35 to 40 minutes. This duration strikes the perfect balance, offering a meaningful pause from daily routines without feeling overwhelming. It's an ideal length for both teens and adults to engage, refresh, and reset.
  • How long are your courses?
    The courses I offer span 6 weeks, with live online meetings twice a week for 35-40 minutes each session. These are conducted via Zoom, allowing for real-time interaction and guidance. To maximize the benefits, there will be activities and practices for participants to engage with outside of class time.
  • Do I need any special equipment for classes or courses?
    For online classes, you'll need a device with a functioning camera, speakers, and microphone, with Zoom installed. It's important to test your setup before the first class to ensure a smooth experience. For yoga, a mat is recommended for comfort and stability, though a towel can be used as an alternative on a non-slip surface. Bare feet are ideal for grip, but if you prefer socks, please choose those with non-slip soles. Keep water nearby to stay hydrated, wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement, and have a blanket or throw ready if you wish to stay cozy during meditation. Any additional items specific for a course will be outlined in the course info page and any welcome email.
  • What is mindfulness, and how is it taught in your classes and courses?
    Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction or judgment. In our classes, mindfulness is taught through guided exercises that encourage you or your teen to focus on their breath, body sensations, and the environment around them, fostering a sense of calm and centeredness.
  • How can mindfulness help me or my teen in daily life?
    Mindfulness can equip you or your teen with the tools to handle stress, anxiety, and depression more effectively. It teaches them to respond to situations with clarity and calmness, improves their focus and concentration, and enhances their emotional regulation and resilience.
  • Can mindfulness be practiced outside of class?
    Absolutely. The techniques learned in class are designed to be accessible and practical for everyday life. I encourage students to apply these practices during routine activities, such as studying, interacting with friends, or before sleep, to help maintain a mindful approach throughout their day.
  • What are some simple mindfulness exercises I or my teen can start with?
    A good starting point is the 'Mindful Breathing' exercise, where they focus on their breath for a few minutes, or the 'Body Scan' technique, which involves paying attention to different parts of the body in sequence to promote relaxation and awareness.
  • How does mindfulness support academic performance?
    Research has shown that mindfulness can improve cognitive functions like attention, memory, and processing speed, all of which are crucial for academic success. By reducing stress and enhancing focus, mindfulness can help teens study more effectively and perform better in school.
  • Does mindfulness help with sleep?
    Yes, mindfulness can significantly improve sleep quality. Techniques such as guided imagery or progressive muscle relaxation can help teens unwind and release the day's stress, leading to a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.
  • How can mindfulness improve relationships?
    Mindfulness fosters empathy and compassion, which are key to building and maintaining healthy relationships. By being more present and attentive, teens can better understand and connect with others, enhancing their social interactions and friendships.
  • What if my teen is skeptical about mindfulness?
    Skepticism is natural, especially with new concepts. I invite teens to approach mindfulness with curiosity and without pressure to adopt the practice. Often, once they experience the benefits firsthand, they become more open and interested in incorporating mindfulness into their lives.
  • How do I sign up for classes or courses?
    Signing up is simple and can be done directly through our website. Just select the class or course you're interested in, and you'll be guided through the registration process. If you need assistance or have questions, feel free to reach out via our contact page.
  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes, we ask that you book your classes in advance. This helps us ensure that we maintain small class sizes for personalized attention and support. You can even book classes weeks in advance through our online booking system.
  • What is the class schedule?
    Our class schedules are designed with flexibility in mind. For the most current times and days for both our online and in-person sessions at Rainbow Forest Park, please refer to the schedule posted on our website. We update it regularly to reflect any changes and to add new sessions. If you would like to request a time not currently on the schedule please reach out and we will endeavor to set up time that works.
  • What if I miss a class?
    We understand that life can be unpredictable. If you miss a class, we offer the flexibility to join another session, provided there is availability. Please contact us as least 24hr before class to reschedule.
  • Is there a waitlist for full classes?
    Yes, if a class you're interested in is full, you can add your name to our waitlist. If a spot opens up, we'll notify you immediately so you can join the class.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We ask that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend a class you've signed up for. This allows us to offer the spot to someone else. For cancellations made with less than 24 hours' notice, we may not be able to offer a refund or reschedule.
  • How do I prepare for a class?
    Preparing for a class is easy. Make sure you have a quiet space for online sessions, a yoga mat or towel, and wear comfortable clothing and have your device ready with Zoom download/updated. It's also a good idea to have water nearby and to avoid eating a heavy meal right before class.
  • Can I try a class before committing to a course?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to try a single class before committing to a full course. This allows you to experience our teaching style and see if it's the right fit for you. For our Yoga in Rainbow Forest Park your first class is free.
  • What safety measures are in place for online and in-person classes?
    The safety of our participants is our top priority. For online classes, we use secure, password-protected Zoom sessions, and I perform a brief video check at the beginning of each class for attendance and safety verification. In-person classes are held in public, well-lit areas, and I am always present to supervise. Additionally, I hold a current Blue Card, issued by the Queensland State Government, which certifies my clearance to work safely with children. (Also have had numerous police clearance while working in USA for being a high school teacher in Califronia)
  • How do you ensure personal attention in your classes?
    Personal attention is a cornerstone of my teaching approach. With small class sizes and a nurturing environment, I ensure that each student receives individual guidance. I am attentive to the needs and comfort levels of all participants, making adjustments and providing support throughout each session.
  • What support is available for teens struggling with anxiety or depression?
    I am deeply committed to supporting teens facing mental health challenges. Beyond the yoga and mindfulness practices taught in class, I provide resources and tools that can be used outside of class to manage anxiety and depression. I also offer a compassionate ear and encourage open communication for any teen in need of additional support.
  • Can parents talk to you about their teen's specific needs?
    Absolutely. I welcome parents to discuss their teen's unique needs with me so that I can tailor support accordingly. Understanding each teen's background helps me to provide the most effective and compassionate guidance possible. However, I do ask that you discuss this with your teen beforehand, so they are aware of the information being shared. This approach fosters a nurturing environment built on mutual respect and understanding for all involved.
  • What qualifications do you have to work with teens?
    Along with my Blue Card police clearance, I bring a wealth of experience to my teaching, having led over 1000 hours of classes with more than 800 students. My dedication to this practice is reflected in the loyalty of my students, some of whom have been attending my classes weekly for over 2-3 years. This extensive experience, combined with my specialized training in yoga and mindfulness techniques, enables me to offer supportive and impactful guidance tailored to the mental and emotional well-being of adolescents. My personal journey through trauma and isolation has also equipped me with a profound understanding and empathy for those I teach, allowing me to connect with and support my students deeply.
  • How do you handle emergencies during class?
    For online classes, I have protocols in place to promptly address any situation that may arise, including contacting parents or guardians immediately if necessary. During in-person sessions, I am prepared with a first aid kit and have emergency contact information at hand. My training includes emergency response to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.
  • Is there a code of conduct for class participants?
    Yes, we have a code of conduct that promotes a respectful and supportive environment for all. This includes maintaining privacy, being respectful during interactions, and adhering to guidelines that ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone involved.


Ms. Dooley has a very calming voice. The class environment is amazing. It is very easy for students to reach the perfect state of mind to fully take advantage of the meditation time. My son is definitely a lot calmer and I have noticed that rather than getting anxious, he sits and practices his breathing. I definitely recommend this class. I am also going to look into Ms. Dooley's yoga class.

Libia M.

This class has helped my daughter with her stress. Ms. Dooley is awesome! Thank you Ms. Dooley for all that you do!!

Irene M.

My 11 year old son has taken Nicole's yoga class for a while and loves it. It's such a highlight of his week. She is very accepting, encouraging, motivating and he finds the class very peaceful. He really enjoys it!

Lindsay P.

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